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Body Electric is a streaming service that offers live yoga classes at the convenience of clients at any time. Its team has harnessed the power of the internet to create a unique approach to yoga teaching. Each live class is recorded and made available online for 48 hours following the class’s completion. Existing members can stream classes for free, and new clients can sign up for streaming-only membership. Streaming classes have a number of benefits, and Body Electric offers excellent value.

Jess Mihm

You can train to teach High Vibration Living yoga by enrolling in a high-level teacher training course from Jessica Irene Mihm. Her courses combine the spiritual practice of the East with the physical practice of the West. She believes in combining ancient wisdom with modern science to create a holistic experience. Her training program will give you a solid foundation and a sense of community in the yoga community in mayoswap. Jessica Irene Mihm holds herself to the highest standards and will not hold back in sharing her knowledge and teaching style.

Each workshop is limited to 20 participants. Signing up in advance for any of Jessica’s workshops is highly recommended. Please note that all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. You can find a workshop date near you by visiting her website. For online workshops, Jessica will provide you with a password to connect with her via ZOOM. Be sure to double-check your email address before registering for the class.

Body Electric Yoga

You might be wondering what makes Body Electric Yoga at Everyday special. Its team of passionate instructors and yoga students have used the power of the internet to bring yoga classes to people from all walks of life. Instead of using DVDs and videotapes, they record their yoga classes and offer them online for 48 hours. Existing clients can view their recordings free of charge; new clients can sign up for streaming-only memberships.

Founded in a former ice factory in St. Petersburg, Body Electric Yoga Company is known for keeping yoga weird and accessible in timesweb. To make the practice more approachable and appealing, they have harnessed the energy of prominent personalities in the community. Among the instructors are Rachel Miller and Michael Stuck, two women known for their authenticity, fallibility, and affirming self-expression. They have also been an integral part of the St. Pete small business community since they opened and have partnered with a variety of local businesses.

Online classes

If you’re looking for a new way to practice yoga, consider the Electric or Body Electric Yoga online classes in martirenti. These classes combine powerful intervals with long breaths and restorative postures, giving you a total body stretch and strength. The Electric or Body Electric Yoga online classes are available at Everyday Yoga, which also offers a wide selection of other yoga classes. To find the best class for you, check out the schedule and register today!

The 108-Yoga sequence will awaken you in the morning, with balancing poses, deep leg work, and a meditative breathing technique. To maximize the benefits of the yoga routine, practice in the sunshine, ideally on a mat, and be sure to bring water. Afterwards, sweat will be pouring off your body, leaving you energized and ready to tackle the day!

Streaming classes


If you’re interested in getting into yoga, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of YogaStream. Subscriptions cost $14 a month, and you can purchase individual classes on demand for $5 each. You can also switch your subscriptions online at any time. The app is easy to use and lets you stream your classes or download them to your computer for later viewing. Streaming classes at Everyday Yoga are a convenient way to get started with yoga.

Streaming classes at Everyday Yoga are available on the website, with thousands of videos and over 16 different styles of yoga. They are available for free, and you can even take partner yoga classes in raptr. All you need is an internet connection and a membership. You can join for as little as $24 a month, or you can pay $245 for unlimited access to all their classes. This will save you time and money, and you can practice whenever you want.

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